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Travel Companionship

with Genevieve Marceau, International Curvy Mistress

Do you spend a considerable amount of time away on business trips and would like to break the tiresome routine with the exclusive company of a beautiful woman?

I am an experienced traveler with a Canadian passport who is also familiar with this type of engagement. Fly me to you, or lets fly together!

Note that my rates are designed to guarantee the highest level of exclusivity for my clients, as well as to reflect the challenges of traveling during Covid time.


Quebec | Toronto | Vancouver | Calgary

My Canada Fly-Me-To-You (FMTY) rate is to be delivered in CAD currency. The transportation fees are not included in the price. The minimum duration for a reservation is 6 hours ($2,500)

14 hours:   $3,500

24 hours:  $5,500

All extra expenses incurred during our time together, such as meals, taxi and hotel (min 4 stars), are to be covered by you.

Fly me to you Escort Genevieve Marceau, emerging from the blue water like a curvaceous Greek Goddess, and she is fully nude, exposing her natural and perky breasts, as well as her toned stomach
International Travel
Dubai cityscape by Genevieve Marceau, Luxury and curvy Fly Me To You escort



I accept the payments in the following currencies: CAD dollars, US dollars, Euro, Swiss Franc and British pound. 


The minimum duration for a reservation is 24 hours

I expect you to treat me as well as I would treat myself, therefore I will only agree on a stay in a five stars hotel, away from the airport. All extra expenses incurred during our time together, such as airfare, meals and taxi, are to be covered by you. 



As soon as we confirm our rendezvous, a 50% deposit will be required, in addition to the transportation expenses. The balance of the payment is due at least 3 days prior to my departure.

In the event that the first deposit is not received within at least 24 hours, I will be in the obligation to consider the booking cancelled, as I don't hold dates within one.

A valid proof of ID will be asked as soon as we are ready to confirm the travel.


Included with the 50% deposit, a complimentary 1 HOUR videocall

Contact Genevieve for a Quote

Introduction: Tell me about yourself! I would like to know more about your domain of career, interests, where you are from, your hobbies, and what do you have in mind for our time together.

Departure date can be approximative


Thank you for contacting me! I'll be in touch by email soon. Note that I won't share my Whatsapp until a reservation is confirmed with a deposit.


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