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Although they were highly positive, I have decided to have my escort reviews removed.  Following this decision, I implemented a No-Review policy. I don't want the graphic details of my encounters displayed online, and I would kindly ask you to respect my wish.  It simply conflicts with my idea of discretion, which I believe goes both ways.


I also feel that some things should remain sacred between two persons.

Genevieve Marceau, Ottawa Escort Reviews

Here are a few wonderful, sometimes poetic messages that was sent to me after sharing a moment of passion. This, in my opinion is worth a thousand reviews. 

Mr. Brown, Los Angeles

As I gaze into the boundless skies,

I realize the distance at which the brilliant stars lie.To an untold, unreachable destination

I peer, Pondering if ever my most coveted fancies shall appear.

Alluring eyes that disguise no deceit,

Thus, compel me to feel complete.

Long, lush hair that induces a perplexed stare 

For all the radiance that it bares.

A voice so soft, so soothing, that to only

The voices of the angels in Heaven I can compare.

And a smile, an unparalleled smile, 

For which an entire lifetime I would wait;

For it perpetuates a shine that even all the stars in the sky cannot create.

I need seek no more these euphoric traits,

For, alas, I have stumbled upon them in utter disbelief,

For I have finally found each and every one of these fancies

In the form of the beautiful Genevieve.

Mr. Black, Toronto

I long for you. 

Longing enough to flood the earth



many times over

with oceans of desire that siren your name


I'd sail it's seas and launch a thousand ships

Every wind swept sail bellowing with passion

Fevered hulls burn with fire deep. 


They bear your name

branded on every panel from bow to mast

every rivet your eyes

every anchor your sweet silhouette. 


Though they are legion

They still fall infinitely short

Of the adoration i wish to shower you in


From your true North

to your wettest deepest South


Envelope you from your throbbing East

To your swollen West

‎with kisses, tongues, and whispers. 


Every journey a voyage of discovery   

of sonorous sensuality

and lust manifest


I'd sail these seas forever

until the waves take me

and I drown



ever deeper

in your nectar.

Mr. Pink, Ottawa

I want to share something with you, it's a passage from a book I read about BDSM and to me it accurately describes your allure.


[The deep intimacy and connection that genuine Dominance/submission creates verges on magic. There is a moment during the most amazing scenes when the rest of the world melts away, leaving a universe of two, the Domme and the sub. In a universe of two, the Domme is divine, for that brief moment and in that time-warped space. To accept this, she must be humble. She must know that she is but a mortal woman at all other times.


Such humility has the amazing effect of creating a calm aura around the Domme, giving Her an air of grace and elegance that is deeply alluring. Her sincere humility and grace earns the Domme quiet respect from those around Her, and most certainly the respect of her submissive.


Without respect, there is no leadership. Without leadership, there is no dominance, only boorishness.]


I don't want to pigeonhole you as only a Domme but I think you encompass all of that and I have a lot of respect for you.

Mr. Purple, Washington DC

You are one of those memories. You keep me going. I know how crazy this must sounds since we only met once, but you are a special woman. You are the type of woman who makes a man want to be a better man. For that moment, that night,  I was a better man because you were with me. And I continue to be a better man because in my low moments in life, people like you are here with me in spirit.

Mr. Yellow, Montreal

I am grateful for you being the beautiful, intelligent, introspective woman that you are, and that I am lucky to have the opportunity to spend time with you. I appreciate very much the unabashed truthfulness when we met. I got the feeling that you were really being you, which was invigorating and refreshing.

Mr. Red, London UK

Genevieve, thank you for the most amazing time in my life last night! I thought we had amazing chemistry. You truly are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life! I find amazing that you are so physically beautiful and manage to be so humble and down to earth!

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