Frequently asked questions

Where can we meet?

I am a courtesan based in Ottawa, and I am available in the nearby locations, including Montreal, and Toronto. For domestic encounters, I appreciate the comfort of a hotel with a minimum of 4 stars (no motel please). You may view my favourite places on my personal Montreal Luxury Escort Address Book. The Ottawa Luxury Escort Travel Guide is currently in the making.

What is your availability?

I’m available during weekdays, weeknights and weekends. I have many ventures, therefore my schedule can be busy and I suggest you to plan our rendezvous in advance. A minimum of 24-hour notice is required.

How do I book you?

I would invite you to visit my Reservation page in order to plan a meeting. Don't miss any details! As I receive a copious load of emails, anonymous requests will be left unanswered.

How do you select the people you meet?

I keep the number of my companions to a minimum because they deserve all the attention, consideration, quality, privacy and safety that can be afforded. I only meet with distinguished, clean and generous gentlemen. I have a preference for companions over 30 years old, but if you are mature beyond your years, I might do an exception. Like a fine wine, the flavourful character of a man improves with age. One does not need to be part of the elite, nor having an impressive collection of degrees; all I am asking for is respect and good manners. How you treat people ultimately tells all!

Do you accept people of a different ethnicity/religion/nationality?

Of course I do, and regardless of one's body weight, neurodivergence or disability(ies). It pains me that it's even a question, but the world is what is it.

What are your services?

I am a woman of many hats; among them one of a traditional courtesan, the other of a sensual Femdom, and sometimes an erotica writer. Which one you will meet is up to your preference. Simply let me know! Learn more about my E scort and Domina services here.

Do you accept reviews?

Although they were highly positive, I have decided to have my escort reviews removed. Following this decision, I implemented a No-Review policy. I don't want the graphic details of my encounters displayed online, and I would kindly ask you to respect my wish. It simply conflicts with my idea of discretion, which I believe goes both ways. I also feel that some things should remain sacred between two persons. Should you still be interested for some feedback, you are welcome to read Testimonials of my companionship here.

May I offer you a gift?

A token of appreciation is always a good idea! You are welcome to a look at my Gratitude page for suggestions.

Why do you screen your clients?

Because in life there are more important things than money, such as my safety and well-being. Being an independent escort comes with certain risks since we put ourselves in a situation where we are the most vulnerable. For these reasons it is important that I feel safe, reassured and protected.

Screening is a positive sign. A discerning client will understand that there is a correlation between the level of screening and the quality of service that the lady provides. The attention that I pay to evaluate the legitimacy of a client is reflective of the quality of my overall service. It gives me the opportunity to provide care and attention to the right companion.
I realize that some of the required information may be sensitive to you and you may feel reluctant to provide them, especially if it is your first time. Gentlemen, there are no interest or benefits for a professional courtesan such as myself to use this information against my companion. It would cause damage to my reputation, which is priceless. We would both have too much to lose, don't we?

Are you safe?

Safety is a main concern and priority, and I take it extremely seriously. I do not engage in any risky activities.

Do you provide references?

Yes, I provide references, but only to regular and current clients who I have seen within the last 6 months. For your privacy, please ask before serving my name as a reference; I am not comfortable validating your information to an unannounced person. Request a reference here

Why are you not replying to my emails?

  1. I don’t respond to anonymous, one-liner type of message, such as “Are you available?”. Should you want your message to be dignified by an answer, please consult my Reservation page, and complete the required information. My availabilities depend of who you are, and how you present yourself.
  2. Have you asked me many questions that have already been answered on this website? Gentlemen, I took a meticulous time to make this information available for you. Why not take a look?
  3. Initial message containing a detailed scenario - the kind written with one hand – will simply be ignored.
  4. Should you have been perfectly respectful of my contact protocol, yet it's been 24 hours and you have still not received a response, your email may just have got lost - or my response might just be in your junk folder. Please don't hesitate to resend your message just in case.

Do you offer specials/discounts?

No, I don’t. Even if it’s your birthday.

I am fortunate enough to receive more demands than I can accept from gentlemen who can afford my rates in whole. These suitors are happy to pay my fee as they understand every single bit of the preparation, dedication and investment it takes for being an upscale entertainer. All my devoted yet selective attention goes in their favour; therefore I have no time for discount chasers, negotiators and hagglers.

Are you available as a Travel Companion (Fly Me to You)?

~ SERVICE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE ~ I absolutely am! I am an experienced traveller who is also familiar with this type of arrangement. I take pride in calling myself an International Courtesan and Femdom. As an escort, I have visited many major cities such as London, Paris, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Toronto and more. For detailed information regarding my Fly Me to You package, click here.