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Genevieve Marceau, Curvy Courtesan in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto


I will need a deposit

For rendezvous that are 6 hours and up.


However, if the alignment of our schedule has proven to be challenging in the past, or that the communication isn't optimal, I may ask for a deposit even though the reservation is less than 6 hours.

The payment is due at the moment of confirming the reservation.

This is non-refundable. However, if you find yourself in the obligation to cancel the appointment and would like to reschedule a new one of same duration, no extra deposit will be required. The amount will be deductible on this next date.

Genevieve Marceau, Curvy Escort in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto


Although strongly encouraged, an advance is optional and up to the gentleman’s discretion. The advance can be submitted at any time prior to the appointment. It is at the gentleman's convenience. Just like the deposit, the advance is non-refundable. This option offers many advantages such as:        

  • It avoids us to carry a certain amount of liquidity.  

  • We won’t have to discuss romance and affairs at the moment of our encounter.

  • It immediately inspires trust and makes the screening process simple, faster and easier.

  • It demonstrates the gentleman’s serious intentions.

Genevieve Marceau, Curvy Courtesan and Femdom

Methods of Payment

For deposits and advances, I accept the following methods of payment: 


Option 1: Interact Email Money Transfer (Canadian bank account owners only)

Option 2: Bank Wire Transfer 

Option 3: P*ypal (no account on your part is required)

Option 4. Western Union



Let me know your preferred method, and I will instruct you on how to proceed to the transfer of the funds.

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